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Western Kentucky Assistive Technology Center at Wendell Foster's Campus Logo


Since 2005, the Western Kentucky Assistive Technology Center (WKATC) has been in operation on Wendell Foster's Campus for Developmental Disabilities in Owensboro, KY. WKATC provides assistive technology services to individuals with disabilities, family members, teachers, hospitals, adult day programs, rehabilitation therapists and many more. Services provided by WKATC staff include: information and assistance, device demonstrations, training, short term device loans, technical assistance and public awareness.


Assistive technology includes any device, piece of equipment or system that improves the functional capabilities of individuals with physical disabilities; vision and hearing impairments; communication barriers; or cognitive impairments.

We are committed to empowering individuals with disabilities to live their lives with greater independence and providing the opportunity for success within their environments through the use of assistive technology solutions.

WKATC is also a participating member of the Kentucky Assistive Technology Services (KATS) Network, a charter member of the Alliance for Technology Access and is an approved provider for Kentucky's Early Intervention Program, First Steps.

Community Computer Lab

WKATC welcomes individuals with disabilities to utilize its Computer Lab free of charge. Two accessible workstations with touch screen computers are available loaded with educational software focused on literacy, money and work-related skills. Or try out the latest technology - the iPad! Individuals using the computer lab must be accompanied by an adult. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.



WKATC is proud to be affiliated with these organizations

KATS Network

Alliance for Technology Access

First Steps - Kentucky's Early Intervention System

Western Kentucky Assistive Technology Center
815 Triplett Street
P.O. Box 1688
Owensboro, KY 42302

Phone: 270-689-1738
Toll Free: 800-209-6202
Fax: 270-852-1491

Cindy Huston, Director

815 Triplett Street
P.O. Box 1668
Owensboro, Kentucky 42303
PHONE | 270-683-4517
TOLL FREE | 877-932-2678
[email protected]