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Understanding Assistive Technology

Assistive technology includes devices, pieces of equipment or systems that improve the functional capabilities of individuals with physical disabilities; vision and hearing impairments; communication barriers; or cognitive impairments. Assistive technology can provide the solution to empowering children and adults in gaining independence in their school or home environments

Additional services provided by the WKATC include assisting an individual in the selection, acquisition or use of the devices by qualified professional staff. The specific assistive technology devices for individuals with physical disabilities include:

  • Adaptive keyboards
  • Specialized switches
  • Voice –activated devices
  • Modified work stations
  • Assistive devices for activities of daily living
  • Mobility and movement aids
  • Seating equipment and standing devices
  • Adapted sports, leisure, and play equipment

The specific assistive technology devices available for individuals with vision and hearing impairments are:

  • Speech synthesizers
  • Text telephone
  • Sound amplification systems
  • Text magnification

Individuals with communication barriers have access to language development tools and strategies as well as customized communication systems to aid in enhancing their communication skills.

The assistive technology solutions for individuals with cognitive impairment include software applications that build literacy and improve memory.

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