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Park Amenities


At the Sensory Park and Garden at Wendell Foster's Campus, there's truly something for all ages and abilities!



Totem Pole

Visitors are greeted with this one-of-a-kind sculpture that marks the entrance to the Sensory Park and Garden. This sculpture was created by local artist, Bill Kolok, from refurbished wheelchair wheels. Like all the amenities in the park, this sculpture blends aesthetic beauty with interactive design- spin the wheels to hear all the fun sounds they make.


Doc's Plaza

Made possible through the generosity of James "Doc" Kincheloe's family. With plenty of wall seating and kite-shaped shade structures, Doc’s Plaza offers a wheelchair accessible venue for outdoor concerts and performances. The park’s landscape creates a natural amphitheater for pristine sound. Musicians and theatre groups are invited to host their performances here.  



Wheelchair Accessible Playground with Tree House

This universally-accessible playground was designed for persons with intellectual and physical needs. It features a ramp system with platform play stations that take you all the way to the top of a tree house getaway! On this interactive playground children of all ability levels can play alongside one another as equals. Slides, tunnels, and obstacle course features make this playground a fun challenge for our more able-bodied visitors as well. The rubber surfacing, made from recycled tires, provides a safe foundation for wheelchairs and little feet.



Stackables Interactive Sculpture

Children of all ages love using their imagination to build, create, and destroy on this large interactive table. It’s so much fun that children don’t realize they’re learning about sequencing, cause-and-effect, logic, and tactile awareness when playing with this fun feature! 


Mikey's Rock-n-Roll

Designed with wheelchair users in mind, Mikey’s Rock-n-Roll allows you to create intricate sounds by pushing a giant ball around a huge circle. This simple game provides a rewarding challenge for strength and motor skills and is always a hit with visitors!


WHAS Crusade for Children Fish Pond

Enjoy the soothing sounds of water at our miniature fish pond. Feed the coy fish or just watch their beautiful swimming motions. Located along the winding wheelchair path, this feature provides a more relaxing and passive experience.



Johnson's Creek

This architectural rock bed is another one of the beautiful passive elements that make this park so unique. Designed as an earth-friendly feature to filter rain water, Johnson’s Creek is located along the wheelchair path for passive visitors to enjoy.



Yeager Bridge

Over Johnson’s Creek is the Yeager Bridge. This wooden bridge is a great place to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Sensory Park and Garden.


Wheelchair Maze

At the top of the hill wheelchair users can enjoy a thrilling challenge in the Wheelchair Maze. Solar-operated gates, winding paths, architectural details, and fun concrete-surfacing make this feature a favorite to visitors. Siblings may want to borrow brother or sister’s wheelchair to take a ride on this fun maze!


Picnic Area

Take a break, relax, or pack a picnic and enjoy at this accessible picnic area. Tables are wheelchair accessible and canopied, and a two-seater swing is nearby. The Picnic area is located in the center of the park to allow parents and caregivers a place to rest while keeping an eye on those having fun in the park.


Musical Instruments

Two fully wheelchair accessible musical instruments are located on the perimeter of the playground area to give visitors the chance to engage in a unique sensory experience. Use the hand mallets to fill the landscape with interesting music and sound. These musical instruments were designed specifically for this park so that everyone can create beautiful melodies.



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