An update from Eric Scharf, CEO

Dear Family Members, Guardians, Friends and Service Recipients,

It has been approximately 11 months since I arrived at Wendell Foster. During my initial days, I believed that Wendell Foster was a special place where services and supports were second to none. Now, after several months of being a firsthand witness for the array of services and supports provided, I can proudly confirm my initial belief and proudly state: Wendell Foster is the leader in empowering people with disabilities. Over my last 30 years in the human services field, I can honestly say I haven’t met a workforce that is more dedicated, committed and passionate about the mission, vision and guiding principles of Wendell Foster.

Our services and supports cover a broad range of areas and needs that could only be provided by knowledgeable and person centered employees. In previous years, Wendell Foster was seen as a residential placement for challenging people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Today we are known as a provider of multiple services for people with disabilities and the non-disabled population. Wendell Foster has successfully bridged the proverbial gap and embraced supporting children and adults, regardless of their challenges, in the most service oriented situation that could provide maximum growth and an enhanced quality of life. Our cadre of services and supports include: an Intermediate Care Facility for 63 people with complex needs; seven supported living homes that provide 24/7 supports; three Adult Foster Care Homes; In Home and Community Living Supports; an After School and Summer Autism Program; Transportation Services; an Adult Day Program, Outreach Education for the Community and Outpatient Services via physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and assistive technology support. A myriad of supports and services are utilized by people in 34 Kentucky counties and two neighboring states.

Maintenance Shop Construction

Construction is under way on the new Maintenance Facility on the corner of 6th and Center Streets.

In order to effectively address the current needs of our beloved communities, our Board has approved a master plan to expand services/supports. This plan has multiple phases that will be rolled out over the next couple of years. In our first phase, a new maintenance facility will be built on the corner of 6th and Center. This will allow space for a new outpatient facility to be built behind the current outpatient building; hence, providing much needed space for additional therapies and supports. The devised plan will connect the two outpatient buildings. In the future, another expansion project being considered by the Board includes a new Inventory, Dietary and Environmental Services building. This proposed building would be located on Triplett Street, much closer to the services provided on the campus.

As you can see, we are aggressively moving forward to expand our services to more people within our local and extended community.  This has been an exciting and great year. I am convinced the best is still yet to come.

Warm regards,