We as a community are very excited to help the Wendell Foster folks with the exciting Half Marathon Event through our community. I urge all the community get behind this wonderful event and make it another OBKY success.
~Mayor Tom Watson

The event was one of the best races I’ve been in. 
~Gary White, CFO of Independence Bank and Ironman Louisville Finisher

We had high expectations for the event, but Wendell Foster blew our expectations out of the water!
~Travis Clapp, Director of Community Relations, Rehabilitation & Performance Institute (RPI)

What an incredible race! Glad to be a part of it. 
~Shelly Hammons, Ironman All World Athlete

The weather, route, crowd, nutrition, were all top notch. 
~Luke Alexander, Boston Scientific

Lots of energy and support from the volunteers, the police and all the runners. So proud of the wonderful course laid out to showcase the beauty of Owensboro. Yes, I would run this race next year and years to come. What a positive impact this race made for the City of Owensboro and all the runners who take to the streets, including myself. Well done!!
~Stephen Duncan

The race was so well done!!! Lots of great energy, positive support, plenty of water stations!!! I cannot say ENOUGH what a SPECTACULAR job y’all did planning and putting on this race!! I’d love to look back in 20 years and say that I’ve run this race every year for the last 20 years, including the first time it was ever done!!! WONDERFUL community event!!!
~Elizabeth Ashley Crowe

Thanks! I was talking to my friend after we left the race. We have absolutely nothing but awesome things to say about your first half marathon. Everything was so well thought out and planned. We both can’t wait for next year. Please tell everyone that helped organize it, that we were very impressed. 
~Jen Cecil

I’m already planning on coming back next year. This race was very well done. We had a lot of fun. The course was beautiful (and flat!!!!). The volunteers were amazing and the swag was great. This race made it to my top 5 list. And I’ve run A LOT of races.
~Megan Maier

Thank you for an awesome race, course, volunteers and food afterwards. You guys rock.”
~Velda Bristow-Varner

Thank you for a blast of a race! Congrats to Wendell Foster, the sponsors and encouragers!
~Hannah Flaspoehler Goebel

Several friends and family members ran today and we all had a great time and hope to run it again! Everyone who planned and volunteered did a terrific job! Route was beautiful! Thank you!
~Nancy Wilk Willis

I hope Wendell Foster does this race again next year. It was put together very well, plenty of water stations, great volunteers, good food at the end, also enjoyed all the folks that came out of their homes to cheer us on. It was a good time.
~Josh Roberson

You guys did a great job. Very professional and upscale. Made me proud to be a part of it!!!
~David Weaver

Well planned and executed race! Great job to all involved!
~Ken Roberts