Owensboro, KY


Driver transports passengers in a safe, efficient, clean, reliable and appropriate vehicle environment. Driver will also provide personal care in the residential setting when time allows.


  • During “down-time,” drivers will assist in the cottages with resident care. This will include assisting with meals, hygiene and recreational activities.
  • All drivers are qualified to transport passengers under federal (FTA), state (HSTD), local regulations, and Wendell Foster guidelines.
  • All vehicles are maintained to ensure safe mechanical operation.
  • Passengers are transported according to the safest and shortest route possible.
  • Driver adheres to written instructions and policies concerning passengers.
  • All accidents/incidents and emergencies are handled according to guidelines in your Drivers’ Handbook.
  • Transportation logistics operate efficiently through effective two way communication.
  • Passengers are transported in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Staff relationships promote a climate that supports a safe, efficient and appropriate transportation system.
  • Documentation and record keeping are timely and accurately completed and maintained as required by all applicable regulations.
  • Drivers work as a team to assist with “will calls” to ensure that passengers are picked up on a timely basis.

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