Steps Division

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What is the Steps Division?

The Steps Division of the Wendell Foster Half Marathon & 5K is a new and exciting way for people with disabilities to cross the finish line. Participants in our Steps Division will have the opportunity to complete either distance over the course of a year.  Recording their steps leading up to race day, participants will take their final steps across the finish line alongside our dedicated runners and be medaled for their great accomplishment.

I don’t have a disability. Can I still participate in the Steps Division?

The Steps Division gives those with disabilities the chance to complete a half marathon or 5K. If you do not have a disability, we encourage you to register in our Half Marathon or 5K divisions. You are free to walk either division- no running required! 

How many steps are in a half marathon? How many steps are in a 5K?

There are roughly 26,000 steps in a half marathon, and 6,200 steps in a 5K.

How do I record my steps? Am I required to submit my steps to race officials in order to cross the finish line?

You can record your steps any way you choose. Steps Division participants will receive a complimentary Steps tracking poster they can use to record their steps, but it is not required that you use the poster. It is not required that you submit proof of your steps to race officials.

Can Steps participants use gait trainers and other mobility equipment when taking their steps?

Yes, participants can use gait trainers and other mobility equipment, both when taking their steps throughout the year and when they cross the finish line. 

What is the cost to register for the Steps Division?

Steps Division registration prices are the same as the prices for the half marathon and 5K divisions. Included in Steps Division registration is a t-shirt, swag bag, and medal.


For additional question on the Steps Division, please contact:

Kara Howard, Race Director
[email protected]