Letter from Doug Hoyt, CEO

Dear Valued Supporter:

I hope this finds you well.

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. At Wendell Foster, our team of “Difference Makers” has been resilient and continues to provide exceptional care to those we serve. It can be easy to get caught up in what’s going wrong, but I want to share a few of the good things that happen at Wendell Foster every day.

Andrew has still been able to fish in the safety of his cottage. Joey was given his Amtrkye bike from a generous donor. And our very own, Amanda Henderson – Direct Support Professional, created the “COVID Eliminator” game to keep the people that live at Wendell Foster entertained.

As a non-profit, we are facing unique challenges. Wendell Foster relies heavily on fundraising and donations to generate essential financial support for those services we provide. However, COVID-19 has forced us to cancel at least five fundraising events; one of those was our annual auction, which historically has raised $130,000 + in one night.  To help overcome the large decrease in fundraising dollars, we have become creative with virtual events. We have started our annual “Wendell Foster 50/50 Holiday Raffle” (drawing on December 11, 2020) and the “Wendell Foster Bourbon Raffle” (starting in January of 2021).

We are doing everything possible to ensure the people we support are receiving the highest quality services. However, we still need you. With your help, renovation of the Green Outpatient Therapy Facility can be completed to provide a fresh, modern, and safe atmosphere for our care recipients. With your help, sanitizing equipment will be purchased so we can stay safe from illnesses – such as COVID-19. With your help, a new rock-climbing wall will help many build physical strength while having fun in therapy. With your help, you can be a “Difference Maker” by empowering over 2,000 people a year with disabilities.

If you feel led to give, we’re thankful for your gift! If you are not in a place to donate, we understand, and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers. We are grateful to have your support.


Truly Thankful,

Doug Hoyt

Chief Executive Officer                  

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