A caring gift

Donations are one of many ways to show your support and compassion. You can rest assured knowing your gift will enhance the lives of someone special, and help dreams come true.

Continuing compassion

Instead of a one time donation, you may wish to participate in our Monthly Giving Program. This service allows you to donate in smaller increments each month over the course of the year, automatically deducted from your credit card. Your information will be kept secure and you may cancel your deductions at any time by simply calling 270-683-4517 and speaking to the accounting department.

Gifts are tax deductible, and supporters will be provided a written receipt of all donations.

Please choose from the following methods:

By Credit Card

Mail Donation form 

In-Kind Gifts
Gifts of medical equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers can be arranged by calling our receptionist at (270) 683-4517.

To learn more, please contact:

Maggie Price
VP of Development
270 683-4517
[email protected]