Spiritual Nurturing

Chapel Services & Bible Studies

Wendell Foster is blessed with volunteers from several local churches who help host Chapel Services & evening Bible Studies at our facility. Our Chapel Services are held at 3:30pm on Sunday afternoons in the Young Meeting House. A rotating group of churches, including local Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, & Pentecostal churches help run these services. The services include a variety of worship music, prayer time, & devotionals. Every year, in the lead up to Christmas, we also hold Advent Services.

We also hold a variety of evening Bible Studies throughout the year. These are scheduled based on the availability of the host churches. They are typically held in the Young Meeting House around 7:00pm.

If you are interested in helping with our Chapel Services or Bible Studies, please contact us at 270-683-4517.

Spiritual Life Volunteers

Faith is a vibrant part of our everyday lives & the same is true for those we serve at Wendell Foster.  Spiritual Life Volunteers are volunteers who partner with some of our individuals to help them express & practice their faith throughout the week!  A Spiritual Life Volunteer may help someone listen to music, read scripture for an individual, or even spend time in prayer.  All of these activities help our individuals live out their faith on a daily basis. 

Church Access Volunteers

The freedom to choose your own house of worship is an important liberty in America!  Wendell Foster has supported our individuals by helping to transport them to local churches based on their individual interests & choices over the years.  In the Summer of 2018, Wendell Foster is launching a new “Church Access Volunteer” program to help our individuals attend the church of their choice on a regular, consistent basis.  Through the generous support of local churches, we are expanding our transportation support on the weekends.

But we still need help to bring this project to completion!

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in helping support our individuals during church service!  You would meet them at church & support them during service:  helping them participate in worship, read scripture, & interact during the service.  We take care of the transportation, so all you need to do is volunteer with them during church service! 

Worship Concerts, Fellowship Events, & More

If you are a representative of a church youth group, worship team, or other leadership group, we can definitely use groups of volunteers as well!  We have frequently invited groups to lead Worship Concerts or Fellowship Events for our individuals.  Every year, around Christmas, we are blessed by a number of Christmas Carolers who come to visit us! 

If your group is interested in helping to provide a special event at Wendell Foster, please contact us.