Organizational Strategy

Our Mission

To empower people with disabilities to realize their dreams and potential

Our Vision

To be the region’s resource for those with disabilities

Guiding Principles

Respect For The Individual. Honoring the unique needs, desires, and talents of all people in everything we do to fulfill our mission.

Connected To Community. Building bridges to ensure that people with disabilities are valued citizens, accepted as meaningful participants in everyday community life.

Professional Competence. Continuously learning so we develop new skills, increase our capacity to serve effectively and compassionately, and remain responsive to opportunities which will help us adapt to change.

Strong Teams. Combining our talents, focusing our collective efforts, and holding ourselves mutually accountable for achieving the mission.

Wise Stewardship. Developing and managing our physical, financial, and human resources with discipline and integrity in order to ensure our organization’s long term relevance and sustainability.

Three-year Organizational Vision

Challenged to improve the quality of services we deliver, to adapt to emerging community-based service models, and to maintain organizational stability in an uncertain funding environment, our three-year course in service to the mission envisions:

  • A “culture shift” that embraces modern person-centered services thinking and delivers personally meaningful outcomes,
  • Market responsive approaches to the unmet and emerging needs of targeted populations, and
  • The human and financial capacity to deliver needed and desirable person-focused supports.

Three Strategic Goals

  1. Responsive, Relevant Services. An agency-wide operating culture embodying a full commitment to person-centered values.
  2. Sustainable Funding. The financial capacity to absorb costs associated with the introduction of new person-centered services and thrive in a changing funding environment.
  3. Progressive Organizational Design. Structures and processes which effectively align resources with service and funding goals.