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Organizational Strategy

Our Mission

To empower people with disabilities to realize their dreams and potential

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of rehabilitative, community-based, and residential services

Guiding Principles

Culture of Excellence

  • Continuous pursuit and delivery of exemplary services and operations across all facets of the organization


  • Providing the resources to enable people to achieve their dreams and goals

Community Engagement

  • Building relationships and collaborating with the community to address needs and promote inclusion


  • Honoring the unique needs, desires, and talents of all people in everything we do

Wise Stewardship

  • Developing and managing our physical, financial, and human resources with discipline and integrity to ensure our organization’s long-term relevance and sustainability


Goal 1: Quality Services 

  • Provide meaningful and innovative supports to address individual and community needs 

Goal 2: Community Awareness 

  • Enhance knowledge, improve presence, and increase involvement 

Goal 3: Sustainable Funding 

  • Increase financial resources to advance quality services and ensure sustainability 

Goal 4: Workforce Enhancement 

  • Facilitate and foster a great work environment