Respect Starts Now

Wendell Foster’s “Respect Starts Now!” is an educational campaign that started in February of 2018. It focuses on treating every person with respect by touching on the following points: 1) Challenging common thinking toward individuals with disabilities; 2) Persuading the audience to eliminate all hurtful and insulting terminology; 3) Supporting anti-bullying efforts.

During the presentations, Lesley Blake, a Wendell Foster employee and self-advocate of Cerebral Palsy (CP), shares her inspiring story of not letting anything get in the way of her dreams. Despite having CP, she can walk over 5 miles without stopping. John Gleason, Community Outreach Specialist, leads the presentation by reminding the audience to focus on people’s abilities, not on their disability.

To learn more about our “Respect Starts Now!” Campaign, contact:

John Gleason
Vice President of Community Engagement  
[email protected]