A Day at the Farm

Today started out pretty much like any other.  I started reminding Noah as soon as he woke up of an event we had been planning on attending. We were heading to The Family SEEDS Fall Fest.

Something to talk about

It is just another typical start of a day. You wake up, look at your daily calendar, check email and social media, maybe have a cup of coffee and breakfast, and your day begins. As with every other day, unless you aren’t a morning person, you talk.

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Foster starts local chapter

Go Baby Go hopes to adapt toy cars for special needs children 

By Renee Beasley Jones Messenger-Inquirer

Five-year-old Hannah Hudson watched her mom drag a decked-out pink Jeep through a wide door way at Wendell Foster, where Hannah attends therapy sessions. 

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How to talk to your child about disabilities (ages 5 to 8)

By Ziba Kashef from BabyCenter.com (Last updated: April 2017)

If your child hasn't already encountered a person with a disability, it's likely he will at some point in school, where children with special needs are often in the same classroom with other kids. Be ready: Your curious grade-schooler will probably ask lots of questions.

How you respond is likely to affect the way your child thinks about disabilities and treats others as he grows up. It's also an opportunity for you to foster an attitude of inclusion and acceptance.

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Summer Screen Time: Parent Fears and Tips to Help

By Francine Pierson From Leader Live By now, it’s pretty well established that just about everyone is using their smartphones, tablets and other popular technology devices a lot. And that this includes everyone from toddlers (and younger!) to adults. >>> Read more at https://blog.asha.org/2018/06/22/summer-reading-aloud/