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Autism Program: Showing the world what’s inside

Visit the Wendell Foster Autism Program and you will likely find students participating in a variety of fun activities, just hanging out, or maybe even working on sensory integration in one of the sensory rooms. What may not be readily apparent to a casual observer are the social and life skills being taught through direct instruction, modeling, and practice through interaction with their peers. The Wendell Foster Autism Program provides individualized social skills and life skills instruction and strives to meet students’ immediate needs first and then works toward achieving goals set by a team of students, parents/guardians, teachers, and staff. Students get the opportunity to practice the skills learned in the community through many fun outings such as eating in a restaurant, playing mini-golf, and visiting a pool in the summer. Most importantly, the program is a safe place where students can be themselves, interact with others on the autism spectrum, and where stims are the norm. It is also a place where they can learn to advocate for themselves and promote autism awareness in their everyday lives. 

Whitney Logsdon, parent and Executive Director of Owensboro Autism Network had this to say about the Wendell Foster Autism Program: “My son Ben was diagnosed with Autism at age 2.  For a long time, we struggled to find services for him at an early age.  Once Ben turned 5, we were told about the Kelly Autism Program at Wendell Foster’s Campus (now the Wendell Foster Autism Program). This program has been life changing for Ben. Social skills, appropriate behavior, sensory input have all excelled since Ben started this program with Ms.  Kristen.  Ben is now ten years old and is a leader when he goes.  He is learning to make friends and is thriving with social skills.  The staff and volunteers love Ben as their own and he loves every one of them.  We are incredibly thankful for this program in our community.”

Programming includes an After-School Program that is offered two days a week and a Summer Program which consists of two separate one month (four week) sessions; one in June and one in July (three days a week; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays). The Parents Night Out program serves as respite (siblings age four and up may attend) and is offered one Friday a month during the school year. Our Teen and Young Adult Night Out program occurs on one Friday a month during the school year and serves middle school and up in activities in the community. Job coaching provides on the job site support for students age 15 and up. The programs are offered on a fee-for-service basis.

Now accepting applications for the 2018 Summer Program.

For more information, contact
Kristen Coomes, Program Director
[email protected]