Expanding the Person Centered Role

Wendell Foster is taking another step in becoming more person centered by adding a new position to its team. This position, called the Person Centered Specialist (PCS), takes Wendell Foster to the next level in providing high quality services. The PCS helps people discover what makes them happy, content, and fulfilled (i.e. Important To’s). Through exploration, people are supported in balancing these “Important To’s” with what keeps them healthy, safe, and a valued/contributing member to their community (i.e. Important For’s).  

Through the discovery of this preferred balance the PCS helps the people discover who they are, how to make decisions, and the roles they play in the community. This also leads to a deeper relationship between the PCS and the person they are supporting. Perhaps, the most exciting part of this is the positive difference it has made in people’s lives!

People are discovering new ideas, relationships, and skills. They are becoming known as a person with talents instead of a person with a disability. Already, results can be seen across our facility. In fact, one person, Josh, stated his PCS is “awesome!”  They help him explore his love for movies and taking responsibility at his job. According to Josh, he and his PCS have become friends, play games, and enjoy each other’s company.

This is just one of many steps Wendell Foster has made in its journey to be person centered. In the past few years, we have implemented Person Centered Planning, trained staff in a two-day Person Centered Thinking course, trained Person Centered Coaches, and tailored our services to the specific desires and needs of the individual. Each person is supported in realizing their dreams and potential. That is our mission at Wendell Foster.

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