Facebook fundraising for Wendell Foster is easy as 1-2-3 . . . !

Did you know over a billion dollars was donated to charities last year? A lot of those donations were made through social media or peer-to-peer fundraising.

Donations to Wendell Foster keeps our mission, “To Empower people with disabilities so they may realize their dreams and potential,” alive.

What this means is simple. We help people live the life they want, we help them achieve their goals, and YOU CAN HELP!

It’s quick and easy to set up your own fundraiser for Wendell Foster on Facebook. 

This Holiday Season, our online fundraising goal is $10,000.

How to create a fundraiser on Facebook:

  1. Before you begin, choose an image below. This image will be the billboard of your campaign.
  2. Start your fundraiser >>Here<<
  3. A window will open asking Who are you raising money for? 
  4. Select Nonprofit and search for Wendell Foster. Wendell Foster will appear in the list. Select Wendell Foster, but do not select “Create Now” link just yet. This will allow you to customize your fundraiser.
  5. Enter the dollar amount you would like to raise and a date the fundraiser should end. Go for it! Let’s say $500 and end on December 31, 2018, but you can enter any amount and ending date you prefer.
  6. Tell Your story. What’s the title of your fundraiser? Here are a few sample titles:
    I’m raising money for Wendell Foster. Please help me reach my goal.
    I’m raising money for a great charity in our community. Please help me reach my goal.
    I love Wendell Foster and they can use your support. Please help me reach my goal.
  7. Why are you raising money? You can use the default text or enter your own words. So we can track active fundraisers, add the hashtag #SupportWendellFoster. Select Next.
  8. A default cover photo image will be displayed, but choose “edit”. Choose the image you downloaded from “Step 1”.
  9. Select Create. 

Okay, it’s as easy as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8!

Ask your friends for their help. Sending an email to [email protected] will deliver a link to this post in their inbox.

Fundraising support images (Choose one to download):

Facebook Fundraiser Art Facebook Fundraiser Art

Thank you for your support! If you need help, please contact:

Jeff Hagan
Director of Marketing
[email protected]