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The Kids Camera Project: Capturing Abilities

The Kids Camera Project, under the direction of Bob Morris, was an outreach component of Moneta Sleet Center that encourages collaboration and teamwork among middle and high school students.  Students were asked to document life through visual lenses and share. Wendell Foster had the opportunity to be a feature for this project. The focus: Self Determination. 

These photos can be looked at simply as men and women adapting to their surroundings. If you look deeper, you see the heart of the project. You see a man baptized in the therapy pool, giving his humble life to God. You see a friend sharing an embrace; a young man contemplating life’s little mysteries. If you dare to look beyond the black and white images, you see the kindness of an assistant celebrating success or the telling of secrets among friends.  

For the students that participated in this project, the message was clear. Happiness starts with your own lens. How you perceive the world. For the men and women at Wendell Foster, happiness is determined, not by their diagnosis, but by their courage, their strength, and their ability to be kind in the face of struggle. The Kids Camera Project captured for the public what those of us who have the pleasure of being a part of Wendell Foster see everyday. A perception that looks beyond the physical.