PRESS RELEASE: Wendell Foster Distributing Portable Ramps

OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY – Wendell Foster, a local agency serving people with disabilities, has partnered with the Kentucky Assistive Technology Services (KATS) Network to be a distribution site for portable ramps through the Ramp Up Kentucky! program. The portable aluminum ramps will be loaned to Kentucky residents at no cost for up to 180 days then the ramp will be returned to the distribution center for other users. Consumers can also choose to receive a free ramp kit containing hardware to install their own permanent ramp with lumber provided by the consumer.

“Kentucky received a $71,000 grant for Ramp Up Kentucky! The program will help people have a safe way to enter and leave their homes,” said Cindy Huston, Director of Technology and Resource Center at Wendell Foster. “Permanent ramps are expensive and can take time to install so portable ramps are a good alternative until a permanent ramp can be built.”

For more information, please contact Jana Billingsley.


Jana Billingsley
Assistive Technology Specialist
[email protected]