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Make a Gift Through Your Estate

February 2, 2017

Most people would like to make their mark on the world – to do something that leaves the earth a better place.  Your contributions to Wendell Foster’s future makes a statement about your thoughtfulness.  Why not continue that support through your estate plan?
Consider a bequest. Gifts through your will can be of a particular item, dollar amount or a percentage of your estate.  They can be contingent (passing to WFC only if another beneficiary dies before you) or in trust, providing income to your spouse or children before passing for our benefit
Give life insurance. You can name us as the beneficiary of a policy on your life or contribute an old policy that you no longer need.  Tax savings are excellent.
Leave bank accounts. Ask the account manager how savings or checking accounts, C.D.s or other financial accounts can be made payable to us upon your death.
Include WFC as a beneficiary of your revocable living trust.
Leave tax-burdened property. Your estate can save both income taxes and estate taxes if you make WFC beneficiary of part or all of your IRA or other retirement account.  Family members might keep only 30 cents on the dollar, after taxes, from these assets. U.S. savings bonds also make tax-wise bequests.
For more information, contact:
Maggie Price, CFRM
Wendell Foster
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P.O. Box 1668
Owensboro, Kentucky 42303
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